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INTEGRATED HEALTH PRACTITIONER – State Registered Mental Health Nurse, Bach Flower Remedies Practitioner, Health/Wellbeing Coach

Are you struggling with sleeplessness?

Are you concerned about your children’s emotional or social wellbeing?

Do you find yourself getting angry or feeling irritable all the time?

Do you suffer from overwhelm or anxiety, not able to let go of the past or anxious about the future. Is this preventing you from enjoying the present moment?

Experience for yourself the gentle healing but powerful shift of emotions that can give you back peace of mind, inner balance and address relationship difficulties.

Email Leila at leila.khan@virgin.net for further information or text 07732471337 and I will call you back for your no obligation free consultation. Don’t suffer in silence, return to your best self.

”You can easily find Bach’s Rescue Remedy for Stress and other plant extracts for different emotional imbalances today. There’s mustard for sudden depression, chicory for being less critical, mimulus for fears. I always have Rescue Remedy with me in my purse in case one of my kids falls or is just having a tough day”. (Gwyneth Paltrow on Goop.com)


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Flower Remedies

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About Me

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‘Leila’s ability to find the right remedy for you comes from years of experience and wisdom in helping people with mental health. Her work improves our emotions which are crucial in any health programme. She has a unique ability to work out the right remedy for you. 

As a therapist and yoga teacher I would refer my clients to her knowing that as a package this would enhance my work to bring about an important part of healing into balance.  Often it is just what is needed to help people heal and find their purpose in life.  Bach flower remedies can be the missing key in any health programme.  Even if you feel unmotivated or just struggling with pressures at the moment call Leila her help is important so you can live life more fully.  Life is just too short not to discover what Leila can do to help you live to your full potential’.

 Laura Finch, Yoga Instructor

‘I wasn’t sure what to expect, I thought there may be minimal change but since taking the remedies there has been a big change, a shift to feeling more objective. I felt better able to make decisions objectively and subjectively helped me to think about what I needed. Sleep had been poor…the remedy has stabilised my sleep again -thanks!’

Marcella F

Life is too short to harbour anger, resentment, hostility. Let it go, release whatever does not serve you and make room for all the good things in your life such as family, friendship, nature and art.


If you are weary or troubled please get in touch to see how these beautiful flower essences could help heal your body, mind and spirit.

About Us

Leila is a Bach Flower Foundation Registered Practitioner.

Leila is also a Registered Mental Health Nurse, Holistic Health Coach and Educator. Runner up in the Year of The Nurse Awards 2020.

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