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I have been a Registered Bach Flower Practitioner for more than 10 years now.  I first became interested in alternative and complementary medicine when my children were young.  I gave them the usual over the counter medication ie Calpol to reduce fever and help with coughs and colds but I also looked for more natural ways to strengthen their immune systems. 

When my daughter developed asthma aged 2 and a half I was advised by a colleague to consult a homeopath.   I had never heard of homeopathy and didn’t realise that there was such a system. After many months her nightly cough did eventually subside but I wanted to find a system of healing that was easier to understand and administer and that was when I came across the Bach Flower Remedies.

In 1930s Dr Bach was initially influenced by the homeopathic ideas of Samuel Hahnemann. However he also was looking for a purer, more simpler system of natural healing based on flowers and plants whereby the imprint of the energetic signature of the flower is contained in clear natural spring water. 

The remedies have been my constant companions over the years but I only really used them when troubled or in crisis. During the current pandemic I found my usual mental wellbeing compromised by working in a stressful environment as a Registered Mental Health Nurse and again I turned to the remedies to help balance negative emotional states and restore equilibrium and peace.  In my career as a Nurse I have often heard people say that they could not do what I do and it made me think what is it that I do? I listen deeply, be present for others when they are distressed and ill and I do not judge.

We have all experienced negative emotional states which have impacted on our relationships. The remedies helped me specifically with disturbed sleep and increased irritation with those around me and states of anxiety. The remedies can be used preventatively to build emotional resilience in an uncertain and unpredictable world. I believe that we have to be the difference that we want to see in the world and healing starts with prioritising our own self care.

The remedies are holistic in addressing mind, body, heart and spirit.  Whether you are looking for emotional wellbeing, inner balance or help with finding your personal/professional/spiritual path in life the flower essences are part of a system of vibrational/energy healing that could help with transformational change. 

If you are looking to address your emotional or relational wellbeing then please do get in touch for a no obligation pre consultation chat to see if the flower remedies could help restore your emotional equilibrium and bring better peace of mind. How can I help you?

‘It is only by serving out of love and happiness that we can truly be of use and do our best work.’

Edward Bach

‘Our souls will guide us, if we only listen, in every circumstance, every difficulty.’

Edward Bach

We never walk alone, if you ask for help I believe you will receive it you only need ask.


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