Happy New Spring Equinox!

Spring has sprung!

Today is the Vernal or spring equinox a time of rebirth and new beginings. The first day of spring. Metaphorically it heralds the return of the Greek Goddess Persephone from her time spent in the Underworld bringing with her a sense of renewal, optimism and hope for the future as the earth wakes up. While seen as a good time for spring cleaning and getting our house in order, is it also time for an emotional spring clean?

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Walnut – Bach Flower Remedy

During this time of seasonal change, the walnut Bach Flower remedy can help protect those who temporarily are sensitive to outside influences and interference and help us to stay true to our own developmental path in life. Sometimes called the link breaker Edward Bach called walnut the great spell breaker.  In this respect it is a important remedy to take with Honeysuckle in cutting the cords of the past. Who originally influenced us? Our parents? Families? Teachers? Friends? Are you still carrying around their expectations, their belief systems, their values?

This remedy can also help with supporting major life transitions such as pregnancy, teething, birth, adolescence, mid life, retirement, surgery and the final journey. These are seen as natural life changes that are internally driven but what about external changes such as marriage, redundancy, divorce, changing jobs, moving house, emigration? Walnut is both an agent of change  and protection from the adverse effects of that change. 

NowruzPersian New Year

The walnut tree originally came from Persia which today is also the Persian/Iranian New Year or Nowruz. Part of the Nowruz origin story is about King Jamshid a ruler who was sensitive to his people and the cycles of the earth. 

Transformational change

While we know on an unconscious level that nothing stays the same, that change is inevitable, the whole process can trigger stress hormones such as adrenaline and cortisol sometimes making that change painful and hard to deal with. Whether change is seen as good, bad or indifferent it is how it is anticipated and reacted to that makes the difference to our emotional and physical wellbeing.

Positive affirmations

Unsurprisingly then the words we use to describe change has a powerful impact on constructing our notions of self, reality and shaping the way we see the world as either a safe or dangerous place to live in. Again these ideas may have developed in childhood but no longer serve us in adulthood.

We are without doubt living in a time of unprecedented change and upheaval.  In order to anchor ourselves in the physical world and not just in our heads think about and perhaps write down the words we use to construct our own belief systems. For example if you frequently find yourself thinking or saying, ‘life is full of suffering’ change it to ‘life is full of joy’ or ‘I am a failure’ change it to ‘I am a success’ (Gill Edwards) If you want to say your positive affirmations our loud several times to change your mental outlook on life.  Listen to the words you use to describe yourself and others, remember words are powerful.  Always try to speak your truth.

Unclear Boundaries

Walnut is especially useful for those working in the helping professions such as Doctors, Nurses, Therapists, Counsellors who may inadvertently take on the negative emotional energies of the people they help on a daily basis.  It is about being clear about our own emotional/psychological boundaries in order to contain the strong emotions of others.  Sipping a glass of water with 4 drops of walnut between each client will help us to remain true to ourselves and not be overwhelmed by the needs of our clients.

The positive aspects of change

Walnut types are strong people who know what they want from life and where they are going but sometimes get sidetracked by the needs, aspirations and wishes of others.  Walnut can help us to find our inner compass so we do not get blown off course easily and find our own way back.  It helps us to find an inner steadfastness. Walnut works on so many levels to cut the cords of the past to help set us free. It helps with personal/professional development and also paves the way so that we are open to change and growth. Where are you on your life’s journey and where do you want to be? Honestly? Walnut will give us the strength to meet life’s challenges head on with equanimity.

For more information about how the Bach Flower Remedies may help you navigate your path through life, please don’t hesitate to contact me for further advice.  Love, light and healing always.



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