Look who kept trying to trip me up yesterday on a walk through Horsenden wood? Apparently Robins symbolise hope, renewal, rebirth. Folklore believe that if you make a wish on a Robin then that wish will come true.  The Robin can be a reminder of Christmas past and good times. It is also said thatContinue reading “ROBIN REDBREAST”

Bach original Rescue Remedy

The Transformational nature of Bach Flower Remedies ‘Rescue Remedy’ What is it? Rescue Remedy is the UK’s number one emotional wellbeing brand according to Holland & Barrett and Nelsons Homeopathic Pharmacy.  It is a 5 remedy combination using the original Bach Flower remedies to help deal with life stresses and strains ie juggling home andContinue reading “Bach original Rescue Remedy”

5 Ways to embrace change this Easter

The transformational power of using Bach Flower Remedies this Easter Today is Palm Sunday a day widely recognised by Christians all over the world as the day Jesus rode triumphantly into Jerusalem.  It is the start of holy week culminating in the death and resurrection of Christ. Easter traditionally is a time of re-birth, renewal,Continue reading “5 Ways to embrace change this Easter”